Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Belle & Sebastian at Hollywood Forever.

Belle & Sebastian's show last night at Hollywood Forever was the best B&S show that I have seen out of the five or so times that I have seen them. Luckily it had stopped raining by the time we got to Hollywood Forever.  Rain or shine the show was still going to happen. What better than a chilly night, under a cloudy Misty sky, friends and B&S. Those of you who are unsure as to what Hollywood Forever is,  it is a cemetery in Hollywood (obviously) where many famous people are buried like DeDe Ramone, Johnny Ramone and a ton more. Summer weekends  the cemetery turns into an open air theater called Cinespia showing old classics to others like "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". I would more expect Interpol to play at HF than I would of B&S.

Parking always sucks to get to an event here so we missed the opening set due to looking for parking. Leaving us having to walk pretty far to get to the show. I hate missing opening sets. Thinking that we may of  missed some of the new tracks from the new album "Write About Love". We got in towards the end of "Write About Love". I was hoping that they would play older stuff like "Lazy Line Painter Jane" but I was content that they played "Like Dylan In The Movies", "Funny Little Frog",  "The Boy With The Arab Strap",  "Lord Anthony", "The State I Am In"  (just some of what they played)  and closing with "Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying".  They played both old and new stuff. My favorite off the new album "I Didn't See It Coming"... I sound like a fan when I say something to the effect like "Stuart's skip/dance/step thing puts me in a trance". It really does not do such a thing but I do love to see him dance.  We all left with smiles and wanting more. I could of stayed there all night listening to Stevie, Stuart and Sarah sing some more. The merch was not overpriced with the exceptions of that "Dog On Wheels" wooden brooch that I would of loved but couldn't do $35. I did get one of my clients who is also a B&S fan a onsie for her newborn and myself a few things...

Also for those of you who are like myself crafty and love Etsy Sarah of B&S has an Etsy account. Her handle is SareyPoppins Nothing is up for sale at the moment but check her Etsy page out.

So, I was testing out my new camera and still getting used to it hoping to get better photo's that now looking at are rather disappointment. I'm still getting used to this Canon DSLR. So, they suck, sorry.

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