Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Box Shop Recap.

Whodini Handmade wallets

Whodini Handmade

Box Shop was a success other than a few parking issues other than that we all had a great time. Given ten days to organize this event Yoli, Gina and I did pretty good. The traffic from UniqueOC also helped as well. Plus I passed out flyers and left a stack at my friends booths there who I heard through the mill that Kelso was telling people about our show. Aaron Kraten came by and hung out for a while and later in the day Craig Skibs Barker came out with his rad wife Kristen who bought some trinkets from me.  The key to a good event is FOOD!  Los Hermanos catering made everyone very happy as well as the complementary sliders and grilled cheese bites courtesy  of the Rooster P.M.! We even had the SoBe truck that looked like an ice cream truck visit passing out free drinks, skate decks and hats!

This show was some crafters/artist first time ever showing in a indie craft event. K.B Designs (sorry no site) was showcasing his clay sculptures one of which looked liked it belonged in Beetlejuice. Another artist was Nick Spuler with his mixed media creations incorporating metal as well. Another first time vendor to show was Jean Bean who I wish had a site. She does amazing handmade stationary and is trying to do more shows. I want to thank all the vendors who participated in our event. It wouldn't of been a success sans them! Thanks guys.. It was a fun day of good music and  free beer and other beverages for the crowd which kept the crowd lingering. Anyhoo it was an eventful day that left me feeling exhausted the next day. I was more excited about lounging in bed watching Whale Wars than doing anything else.. Except for hitting up UniqueOC latter in the day..

Trinkets by LMT

Mini trucks came

FAB-RI-CATE w/ his steampunk goods

DJ Weird Beard provided non stop fun.

EXFO Skincare  body scrubs that taste good!

clothing designers Salli Le Tyll & Jami Larin

Whimsy & Ink

Cinnamon Roll Gang

Yolie In Bloom & Love Peace & Lola

Nina Gibson Designs

Succulents by Sara Simon blown glass by Hiromi Takizawa

Amazing grub by Los Hermanos Catering

Kelly Castillo of Rothick Art Haus rocking LMT earrings.

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