Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unseen Beauty Gallery Take Over art show!

This Saturday July 3rd from 7PM - 10PM LMT will be at the Unseen Beauty Gallery Takeover at Gallery 212 & Studio. I discussed it with the founder of Unseen Beauty of how my set up will be. It will be a minimal set up. The focus will be making my booth look like an art installation rather than a vendors booth.  My influence is DADAISM and industrial modernism. So, I have been busy making new props for this show. Painting vintage frames in which I cut myself many times while placing the metal mesh on the frames thus pool of blood were the result as well as sore tender fingertips. Ryan Clemens built a shelf for me using reclaimed wood which looks great and would love more to be built...  Other artist in the show will be Ryan Clemens, Cody "Mustachio" Lusby, Tyler Alexander, Industry Giant and photographer JJ Campanaro and Brad Parker!  Of course there will be cocktails and snacks. If you haven't been to Gallery 212 then please mark you calendar and hang out with us for an evening of "Unseen Beauty"
the frames i am still working on but was over the pool of blood that was drawn and the tender fingertips!

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