Friday, June 11, 2010

Going To The Chapel.

Recently I was asked by the bride (Janice)  to be if I would design/make the jewelry that she was going to wear  for her wedding. Honestly, I was shocked  as well as honored that she wanted to wear my jewelry for her wedding. Shocked because  I am not the "Nordstrom" of jewelry. I don't make anything that I would think one would want to wear on their wedding day. Everything that I make is asymmetrical and different.  After seeing Janice's dresses for her wedding (she has two dress changes because she is a diva) I thought  Art Nouveau and Art Deco.. I  was excited.  I thought of classic beauty. Immediately I thought of famous film stars of that era. The likes of  Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo, Clara Bow and Jean Harlow...  I spent a lot of my Sunday's hunting at flea markets for materials that would suit for what I had envisioned. Some may think that the fact that I used vintage watch faces in the earrings is crazy as did my boss until she saw them. I set the time on the watches to the hour of the ceremony. I then set it in place preventing it from moving by using the best clear glaze like glue Diamond Glaze. 


As I do with all my pieces I have also named the pieces for Janice's wedding. 
Necklace #1 - " Baby Maker"
Necklace #2 - "Biological Clock Is Waiting" 
Earrings - "My Clock Is Ticking" 

~Christina (LMT)

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