Monday, May 17, 2010

Wood is rad!

While reading my little updates that I get in from Etsy I saw the little piece on Woodguy32.. I want this computer.. Aesthetically it is amazing. A piece of art that I can work on everyday updating my pages and what not. Anyhoo, I read his profile which was a little sad. His bio tells about how he was a graphic design artist who had an accident (didn't go into details but i am curious) and a 80 year old driver messed up his hand. Then finding out that he had stage four cancer.  End result was these industrial like, vintage art deco keyboards and monitors! In short when one is going through some hard times one can sit and fell sorry for themselves. Not Woody. Though he was unable to draw due to his accident he took up another art!!
Woodguy32 is just rad! Check out his site!

I ♥ Etsy
~Christina (LMT)

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