Monday, May 17, 2010

Bloomology and the art of Deco!

Last Saturday at the Santiago Arts District Art Walk in Santa Ana I met an artist Catherine Kang in her studio named Bloomology. The bright colors drew me in especially that bright red Ikea like tall table that I saw her making Deco clay petals and having examples of the floral arrangements she has made. Now, I am not a floral frou frou sort of chick but I dig it. It's beyond just "pretty" when you watch Catherine make a petal and explain how it is done.She takes a small ball like shape piece of clay and lays it her left palm in which she begins to smooth it out with her thumb and a petal is the result. One of the most amazing pieces she had that is a wow piece was the floral arrangements that she made for her friends wedding (pic below). I asked Catherine how long she has been doing Deco clay floral art pieces and her response was a year.. A year? I was shocked because within a year she has perfected this art as well as also went away to get certified to teach classes on the art of Deco clay which is popular in Japan.

I also asked her what inspired her to do Deco and teach and her answer was "I love teaching so I wanted to teach how to do Deco"...  So just a little about Catherines back ground...  She was a ESL instructor for nine years. While on a medical leave in 2009 she was looking for a hobby when she came across DECO Academy's website. She found a teacher within her area and began to take classes. She had studied art in college but took the academic route instead. Her husband being an artist himself is the one that encouraged her to open a studio and now for the past two months Catherine has been teaching classes. If you ever find yourself looking for a new hobby and or just want to try Deco clay molding out then you should check out Bloomology's class schedule. Classes are held in her studio in Santa Ana.. She makes it look so easy which I am a 100% sure of that it is not. I love learning about new things. Be that about hair, art, history whatever so thank you Catherine for bringing this to SAD and to our attention. Before you and your studio I have always thought of DECO as in Art Deco!

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~Christina (LMT)

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