Monday, May 31, 2010

Random conversations on The Bauhaus, Gropius and Sassoon

I told myself that while away for the holiday weekend that I would not work. I told myself that I would not log on the computer at all.. Oh well so much for that. Here I am in our room with a cup of coffee blogging. Last night I met a rad couple on their celebratory two week holiday from Houston. One of them was completing his degree in architecture. The minute he said architecture I lit up. I love architects and it was coincidental that  my reading material for the trip was my book on the Bauhaus. (not the band) So, we get into a conversation about the Bauhaus. He was a little surprised when I mentioned Walter Gropius because not too many who are not architects or appreciate design know of this brilliant man. I also told them of my plan on visiting Dessau the city where the school of The Bauhaus is in the fall while in Germany for the Davines World Wide Hair Tour. Anything Bauhaus I love to hear about so hearing this guy talk about design and the Bauhaus was awesome.  In swims my friend and  joins in the conversation. We were a tiny pod talking about design and the influence that the Bauhaus has had till this day. I brought up Vidal Sassoon and a book that I got for Christmas called Sassoon and the Bauhaus. Talking about how Vidal Sassoon was influenced by the Bauhaus and how hair is very much like Bauhaus when it comes to geometric shapes.. Hair is very much like architecture. I could of stayed there all night talking about the correlations between hair and architecture and learning new things. 

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a Davines event in which Tim Hartley former creative director of Vidal Sassoon presented his collection called "Infinite Variety".  To meet this modern master was an honor.  It was unfortunate that my friend who took the photograph of Tim and I came out very dark.
On the topic of Sassoon.. I am very  excited about the upcoming Vidal Sassoon film that is not yet out yet.  Vidal Sassoon The Movie.
More on the Bauhaus.

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