Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bidding in the UK.

I was perusing the net again looking for more mourning hair art and I came across this fan like woven piece that is questionable for being actual hair. It looks more like dry grass. It still is an interesting piece and I think I could make use of it. Perhaps part of a necklace piece. The current bid is at €4.35 with four days remaining. (obviously in Europe). I am wanting to do more mourning like pieces and have been looking for a housing unit that could hold the hair pieces or ashes that I want to make. Recently I met a dealer at the last Gem Fair event in Costa Mesa CA who can make custom glass locket pendants in which I want to design it to where I can place woven hair inside it. It can either be hair from ones passed loved one or if they want to rock hair of their loved one that is still alive in a locket in which I will have woven tightly will be used for these pieces. Rather than calling it "Mourning Hair Jewelry" I would rephrase it as "Eternity Art". So speaking of mourning hair art here is an amazing brooch i found that I am bidding on and hope to win! Seven days reaming and it is at €49.99.. I love perusing eBay in the UK!

Some may call me morbid or that I am bringing back the days of yore when I was that goth girl listing to Bauhaus, Joy Division and emulating Siouxsie Sioux But, not so much. I think that they are beautiful endearing pieces and ways to commemorate a loved one. The fact that it dates back to the 1800's is priceless.  The below image is a lock of hair and on the back of the brooch is the picture of the deceased.

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