Sunday, May 2, 2010


(found perusing Rags to Riches today)

this has nothing to pertain to the topic of my blog by no means but whatever I wanted to rant about it. WTF All of my friends and those from my past (ex's) are either getting married or having babies. Made me think this morning of that young intern I trained years ago the art of veinipuncuture. (long ago when i worked in a lab) Oh, the days of yore. My little Alba the sassy young Mexicana with an attitude that would beat a bitch down just with a glare and a smile that would make one want to love her is now married and with a little bun in the oven.. So, I got to thinking of all the relationships that I have had since my knowing of Alba.. .. I mean there was J, B, D, C and R.. Oh wait and the E.. Alba and I go way back.. Like 2003 maybe 2002.. Mind you my relationships were long term. Not easy by any means. Shortest relationship being of three months. Alba's news this morning of her happy family made me think of mine. I mean, I am a happy hairstylist with a happy trinket making life. Art shows, openings, freedom, traveling, music, friends, my awesome job that I love, my continued training.. I mean all this would come to a horrid halt with a family. I mean is there a family at all possibly tied in with this? Marriage? Babies? I mean I don't want that bump can't do that...

So I have deemed myself alone.. I will be that old lady one day that the younger generation will come into my home and be in awe of all the amazing antiques that I have acquired in my time. Depressing, but, I can tell one of the amazing path that I have had. Plus my stored record collection is to make one drool not to mention my CD collection.. Yes, I still buy Cd's.. So, alas the topic of marriage, babies and growing up.. I reserve myself to being that small percentage that remains sans a family. I resume the life of a dame passionate of her industry. Loving of my off time hobby of turning what one would assume is trash and turning into something completely different. So, what I am saying is that "It is not the end of the world" I had to bring up this quote from Oscar Wilde.. Funniest man ever. (other than my abuelo) " Men marry because they are tired; women because they are curious. Both are disappointed" I think that I have found my next tattoo..

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