Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Playing with Trinkets...

In preperation for the upcoming art show Modern Tchotchkes @ Gallery 212 in Seal Beach, CA. I have been busy making and hunting for new bits of inspiration. What started as a fun hobby over the holiday's has now evolved to something else! I posted a few pics of what I was working on and then I get a response from the gallery owners of Gallery 212 about a show! So... A show it shall be! I gathered up some friends to join in with me for an evening of craftiness + art! There will be six people showing many of whom have stores on Etsy. We will have Cody "Mustachio" Lusby (artist) showing his work. Mixing both vintage and new we decided on calling the show Modern Tchotchkes. I have been busy buying more materials from our most recent trip to San Francisco to scouring the LA Garment District to thrift shops as is my norm and swap meets to my most recent excursion the OC Gem Fair.

My influence is definitely vintage. Using everything from broken brooches, beads, bakelite buttons to Russian Nesting dolls I try to incorporate a little of everything into what I make. I am far from making it look uniform in fact a lot of times my pieces are asymmetrical and don't match. I think I am not Claire's so I want my stuff to be unique and different and NOT the average run of the mill blah blah blah you can find at Target or any other shop. I haven't started my Etsy shop yet because there is only me making the jewelry. I don't have kids slaving away for me so it's a little hard to make mass amounts to post on Etsy and to make enough for the show. HOWEVER after the art show I will be posting on Etsy..






The show is set for Saturday, March 27th 2010 from 6-9 PM! more updates to follow!
here is just some of my stuff

~Christina S (Le Modern Trinket)

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