Friday, March 5, 2010

Diverted Professional Salon Products

A client recently told me that she found Davines products online. I wont mention the website but I did seek it out. People are drawn to the fact that it is less expensive online and true they are slightly less expensive but after doing some research on Davines products available on this site the first product that came up was the old Davines "Bio_O Invisible Styling Cream" under the Natural Tech line.  (I posted a pic of the old product) UMMM FYI. I used the word "OLD" Davines is no longer making and has not made this product for sometime now under the Natural Tech line. In fact it is under the Defining line. When you find Davines or any other salon professional products in your local grocery store, drug store or online they are considered to be diverted. You are basically gambling with the products as well. Many times the products can be watered down, or the shelf life has expired. Yes products do expire so check your products for the expiration date which is usually at the bottom of the container or on the back with a symbol of an open can and within the small picture is a number either 12M, 24M or 36M.

So, here is just a tid bit on diversion and why you will see professional salon products on line. I wouldn't chance it!

P.S Defining Invisible Styling Cream is one of my favorite products that I use on nearly every one of my clients. It acts like a conditioning treatment with it's conditioning like properties (rice proteins and avocado oil) and gives a little extra body! VOLUME!!

Christina S (Le Modern Trinket)

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