Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reusing & upcycling found objects!

Still at it.. I found a old bench like seat with a hollowed out center that looks like this may of been used for storage at one point in time. Now, It will be a planter. Having a wood frame covered in leather I had to keep in mind that whatever I plant needs to be able to handle indirect sun. The sun and weather would wear out the leather so I decided to bring some plants inside the home.  Once again I hit The Plant Stand to pick up more succulents.   

This piece of furniture was missing a top part and the thrift shop was asking originally $99.99?!? Then it was marked down to $75 and then to $65. What harm would it be to ask if they would take it down some more.. So, I asked.  Besides I am a frequent customer in here and am pretty cool with the cashier guy here so I got it for $38 and some change! BARGAIN!! 

My favorite store in Costa Mesa "The Plant Stand"


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