Saturday, August 20, 2011

Embrace Thy CURL!

 Mary Quant

For years I have been rocking my hair straight. Inspired by hairstyles worn by Chantal Goya, Louise Brooks, Anna Karina, Sylvie Varton, Nancy Kwan, France Gall,  Mary Quant and more current styles worn by Audrey Tautou and Karen O. These are just to name a few of my inspirations. Heavily influenced by the MOD era and the Ye-ye girls movement of the 60's.

Sylvie Varton 

 France Gall 

Anna Karina

Anna Karina

Now, my natural texture is curly (very curly) and in order to have achieve that smooth hairstyle I have done everything from chemical relaxers to monotonous daily flat ironing not to mention the ton of money I was spending on various smoothing silicone based products. Life has been made easier for me in regards to styling with the Brazilian Blowout. Whatever, some stylist like it some don't I am one that DOES like the Brazilian Blowout. It changed my hair smoothed out my curl and tamed that frizz. Thus the horrid daily flat ironing was cut down to perhaps going over sections and not being so hard on my hair with ton of flat ironing or product usage. 

The infamous cut done by Vidal Sassoon. Nancy Kwan.

Audrey Tautou

Louise Brooks.

Chantal Goya

While I still admire the MOD hairstyles made popular by Vidal Sassoon I decided to let my hair grow out and embrace my texture. Going curly was a little scary believe it or not for me hence I have been rocking my hair straight for years. This would be a fun experiment to see how my curl would be not to mention I was curious to see my natural curly locks again. The experiment started on our Palm Springs get-a-way to the ACE hotel. Some hours at the pool splashing around and falling in the water playing "monkey in the middle" the curl  finally debuted. I was pretty stoked about how I had looser softer curls sans the frizz thanks to the Brazilian Blowout!! Now, I am digging the curl and alas embracing my natural texture! 

Recently, many of my clients at the salon have been asking for tips on styling curly hair. There is a trick when it comes to encouraging existing curl. Product is important first of all. I always tell my clients that you need to start with a strong foundation and it all starts with the shampoo and conditioner.

Here are my favs!! I like to stress to my clients the need for a strong foundation so I always start with a shampoo/conditioner geared for the hair type/texture that I am working with. For enhancing existing curl I use Davines Lovely Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner.  I then start with layering products.  Here are my go to favorites!  

  • Davines Melu Shield. (thermal protectant) 
  • Davines Defining Creative Moulding Foam.
  • Davines MOMO/ Serum (curl enhancing) works wonders on taming that frizz!
  • Davines  NO. 5 Mat Pliable Stucco 
  • Davines  NO. 14 Sea Salt Primer

I apply these products in this order and remember to comb the hair after applying product to insure even distribution. I like to use a styling comb.  I absolutely love using the Davines NO. 14 Sea Salt Primer which gives that loose beachy soft wave/curl look. Perfect for those who are trying to achieve a softer bohemian hairstyle.

Get a diffuser!  You can purchase a universal diffuser to fit any hairdryer on line or in a beauty supply store. I like to diffuse the hair about 80% dry then let the hair air dry... NOT touching the curl until it is 100% dry... Check out this great styling tutorial by the Davines visionary artist Naomi Knights on styling curly hair! It's perfect! 


I still love the Ye-Ye era!! 

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