Friday, May 20, 2011

LMT vending @ 2nd Petite Flea Market @ Gods & Heros salon Costa Mesa!

Next gig for Le Modern Trinket will be a fun one! The new salon that I work at (a rad one) gods & heros salon (near The Camp & The Lab/ Anti-Mall)  in Costa Mesa will be turning the parking lot which is massive into a flea market. Le Modern Trinket will be splitting a booth with my dear friend Erin Kraten who not only is a mix media artist but as well as an amazing jewelry designer! The event is the 2nd Petite Flea Market. There will be antique/vintage dealers yielding ladies & gents clothing, accessories, vinyl, little tchotchkes to furniture. In addition to all this I invited a bunch of my friends of the handmade community to join in! There will also be food vendors as well as a live DJ and porta-potties!

With the success of last Sunday's Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts show in Long Beach I have been hitting it hard in the studio making more vintage upcycled trinkets. Current crush is tubes and resistors! Check out the LMT Facebook page for photos of recent pieces along with updates to shows.  Come out and peruse the vintage dealers booths as well as the handmade vendors!!  I too will be going through my closet pulling out some of my vintage clothes so if you dig vintage ladies you have to come out!

2nd Petite Flea Market
Gods & Heros salon
2991 Randolph Ave. 
Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626

                                   recent trinkets!

Bakelite Mahjong tile pendant necklace

upcycled tube magnet.

inspired by the readymades of Duchamp!

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