Friday, April 8, 2011

CicLAvia bike ride... April 10, 2011

Every Sunday a group of my friends and I all meet up for a bike ride which typically is anywhere from 25-30 miles of a fun ride. No, we don't rock those tight spandex rubbery looking suits or the padded underpants though it would be funny if we all did.. At least for one ride.  I was excited when my friend told me about this upcoming ride in L.A called CicLAvia . It is a five hour ride which takes place in LA and the streets are closed. Riding in traffic can sometimes be scary because many motorist don't give two shits about cyclist. So this will be a fun way without worrying about the rude tool who has road rage! This is CicLAvia Facebook event page.. 

Here is a good video by Etsy on tuning up your bike and easy how to tips! 

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