Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art Crawl Experience A.C.E Indie Arts & Crafts Show.

For the last month I have been busy organizing yet another show. The Art Crawl Experience A.C.E. This time it has been on a much larger scale than any of the other shows that I have organized in the past like The Modern Tchotchkes and The Box Shop. Aside of  my life which some people think I only make trinkets I do have a job. Divinding my time with my work at the salon and working as an educator on the side for Davines I have been busy in meetings and interviews and handpicking vendors. All along working in my studio. I am pretty excited about my recent pieces and have had some good feedback as well as got some commission work out from these recent pieces.

My recent trinkets have been  heavily influenced by French new wave films that I have found myself watching lately. i.e.. Breathless, Band of Outsiders, Jules et Jim and my favorite non French film Harold and Maude. Using old vintage photographs of lovers and weddings and using old heart lockets. I still find myself inspired by the concept and ideals of love. I still find old photographs so interesting and sad. They are like little lost mementos that I am bringing back via the use of old watches...

The OC Weekly sponsored Art Crawl Experience A.C.E. will be featuring an art tour (self guided art tour) The tour starts at one end of the Downtown Anaheim Artist District and ends at The Muzeo. Art Crawl Experience A.C.E. is also a free event and a good one to bring your family out. There will be over six galleries that will open along with the Anti-Art school Dr. Sketchy's freak show, live art, a gourmet food truck lane, indie arts & crafts show and bands..

Rothick Art Haus will be featuring a group show showcasing the works of Michael White, Gleen Arthur, Quyen Dinh and more.  Other galleries will be opened such as the Promenade Gallery, Sarah Bain Gallery, The Muzeo and more....

Food Trucks... Exciting stuff!!! Crepes Bonaparte,  Seabirds, Chunk N Chip Ice Cream Truck, Barcelona on the Go and Kogi's Korean BBQ will be ready to serve all those with appetites!

Live art will feature BigToe, Jamie Johnson, Leigh White and others.

The Indie Arts and Crafts show will feature handmade local artist, crafters and clothing designers such as Melissa Loschy, Michelle Rose, Texture Clothing, Backyard in a Jar, Maiden Voyage Clothing, Subeco, Kiss Every Comma, Genny Penny  and more....

My next focus for LMT will be getting in more galleries and boutiques. Hope everyone can make it out.. The Indie Arts & Crafts show will take place inside the K&A cafe that we will gut out for this event.. This venue will be down the promenade at 201 Center Street Promenade. The Indie Arts & Crafts show starts at 6pm-10pm

Art Crawl Experience
February 12, 2011
203 Center Street Promenade
Anaheim, CA, 92905

Here are some recent pics of pieces I have done.. I have been swamped with so much stuff that I haven't had a chance to take proper photos of my recent trinkets.. I really need clones! Gotta love the iPhone.. At some point today if I get a chance I will take better pics..

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