Friday, January 7, 2011

Love & Lament.

Here are some recent trinkets that I have made and sold. I came across a seller who had a dead-stock lot of vintage heart lockets. I have been enthralled lately by the symbolism of love and lament. The ups and downs the highs and lows of what we call "LOVE". Many of my recent trinkets which I have called my "Love Series" have some sort of symbolism or significance of what I feel love is. Using old vintage photographs of couples and weddings from the early 1920s to the mid 1950s.  I have in my own way turned these once old lost images of happy times and love into something new. Many of my photo pieces have sold at shows so I am gearing up to hit the studio hard within the next couple of weeks.

My plate is rather full now with an upcoming show that I am not only showing in but also am organizing the indie arts & crafts portion of the "Art Crawl Experience" in the Downtown Anaheim Arts District. I have a few volunteers which will be helpful now..

These two lockets have just been sold and more will follow hence I purchased the dead-stock lot. I used a lot of odds and ends that I have laying around to bring these lockets together.

The gears are symbolic of the complexity of the human heart and not only of its use and function but also on the aspect of relationships. People have used that phrase "my heart aches".  I was curious as to if there is such a physical feeling of "heartache"?  Sure if your having a heartache, but what exactly is that feeling called that makes one think that they are in "heartache" and listen to sad bastard songs, eat and mope?  The gears also represent all of the shit we come by in life where in turn we live and learn...

"the addiction of duplicates"
one of my sold asymmetrical earrings using a vintage photograph of a couple cira mid 30s

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