Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tim Rusmisel Gallery. Bringing art to downtown San Juan Capistrano

Last night I was one of many handmade vendors in the courtyard of the Tim Rusmisel Gallery in San Juan Capistrano. There was a big holiday event in the downtown area which brought in droves of people. This was my (Le Modern Trinket) first time ever showing in South Orange County. Unexpectant of what the response would be and of the area I was pretty shocked! This downtown area has a very nostalgic feel to it. Very charming and festive during the holiday's and not only that but this historic area exudes an old country vibe. I felt like Huck Finn being amongst these old buildings.

I met Tim last Sunday (11.28.10) while vending at Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts show. He liked display and props and my upcycled vintage jewelry and asked if I would be interested in being a vendor at his galleries upcoming show for the next weekend. Aside of it being cold and my forgetting to wear warmer socks this event was great. I LOVE doing shows. Meeting new clients and vendors is always fun. I was vending next to a girl named Alanna that upcycles vintage books into hanging lamps. It was her first time showing her work so as of now there is nothing to link to.

inside the gallery Tim and Teresa.
Tim and I chatted after the event for a bit.  Tim is a photographer slash passionate vegan. Note the VEGAN tattoo across his neck. Turns out this gallery is fairly recent. He opened his small gallery in August 2010. This is unlike any other gallery that I have ever been to. It is a rustic little old building that has served as many different types of business in the past. For example it used to be a barn house in the 1800's, jail house in the mid 1840's, a psychiatrist office and the list goes on. Then alas it is now a small gallery featuring both mixed media art and photography.  When I met Tim at Patchwork I showed him one of my upcycled tintype photo necklaces I made a while back when we got to talking about photography. He mentioned that he is bringing back the art of tintype photography in which I was excited to see. I took a few pics of his work. He is truly talented. His gallery is the only gallery in the area and with a low budget for marketing he is using resources like Facebook to promote his shows and gallery. Tim and I talked about doing more handmade events in the courtyard pulling in a collective of handmade artisans on the same nights of his art openings which take place monthly.

from the inside of the gallery

The best part about this location is the train station. You can literally take the train out and spend an evening in this historic charming area. Tons of great restaurants as well. Like the Ramos House Cafe that apparently has the best brunch ever and the Hummingbird House Cafe and the Hidden House coffee shop. There is also a recently renovated theater in which you can wine and dine as you watch a movie!

some of Tim's work.


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  2. you as well lady! looking forward to more shows!


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