Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Saturday's at Hollywood Forever... Cinespia.

Adieu summer.. Fall is just around the bend. To be exact September 22nd will be the first day of fall. Goodbye to yet another summer... Goodbye summer day's and goodbye summer Saturday nights at Hollywood Forever. When I talk about Cinespia some of those who have never been think how morbid watching a film in the cemetery is. Then again I am the chick that want's to bring back the "art of mourning" with hair art and ashes when it comes to making my upcycled vintage trinkets. So, it is a cemetery to some a little creepy but it is not as though you are sitting on top of someone's grave. Far from it... It's actually quite nice. Pack a picnic bring a bottle of wine and a blanket and watch a film.. This Saturday September 18th will be the last of the summer series of Cinespia which will be showing nothing more fitting than "Night of the Living Dead"...

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