Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not your typical Orange County scene.

Some people have the wrong perception of Orange County. Thanks to lame shows like OC Housewives and Laguna Beach people have summed Orange County as a bunch of stuck up M series, Bentley driving, Prada wearing, LV toting, injectable filled faces, plastic county  douche bags who lack culture. Abrasive, but true. People in all other cities always make a little face when you say you live in Orange County. Well, I concur it is not SF, LA, NYC or Seattle but there has been an obvious push by those in the community to switch it up in Orange County. Such things as art walks and more galleries  and I am NOT referring to the Laguna Beach art walk by any means. One could only handle one too many Thomas Kinkade paintings before they want to poke their eyes out. Thank god for people trying to push for a different art scene in which we owe many thanks for. Alas, certain areas in the OC have culture.

In steps Curbside Gallery. Founder Craig Richenburg  (super rad guy with the lightest eyes that I have ever seen in my life) officially opened Curbside in January 2007. Art walk in the Santiago Arts District was somewhat unknown of at the time but it has slowly gotten its exposure thus being one of the second flourishing art colonies in Santa Ana other than the Downtown Santa Ana Artist  Village.  Craigs goal was NOT to feature any artist that could be found in Laguna. He wanted to feature up and coming artist that he himself would buy and have in his own home. He is a fan abstract, modern, and provocative works. No shore break landscape paintings at Curbside. Some of the previous artist shown at Curbside include Aaron Kraten, Industry_Giant, Heather Wright, Ryan Clemens and Cambria.  Curbside just recently underwent an expansion thus the gallery can have bigger shows and collaborative shows!  

Curbside is in The Santiago Artist District also know as the Santiago Train Station Lofts. The train station lofts are the first phase of Santa Ana's transformation into a transportation hub linking the train station to the downtown civic center and artist colony. Many people open up their galleries on every third Saturday known as the Santiago Art District Art Walk. It is slowly coming along. More galleries have opened up thus drawing more attention through social networks like Facebook and  Twitter. What do I love about art walk. Well, obviously perusing galleries with friends and the vendors and the food trucks But, I love the fact that more galleries are opening up and more people are learning about art walk. Now, true it can be a hit or miss. It is by no means as busy as the Downtown LA art walk or the Downtown Santa Ana First Saturday art walk YET.. But, with more exposure it can be. 

This Saturday May 15th is art walk and Curbside will once again be having an art opening featuring new works by Ryan Clemens. "Art and Nonsense" Show opens at 7PM.  Upcoming shows for summer are June a Polaroid show featuring Aaron Kraten and Todd Matthew Clapp and July furniture design with Ross Morgan and Pat Irvin.  No lollygagging... Get out from the monotonous routine of a Saturday nite and  get some art and culture. Bring the family and your four legged friends. For more info on the other galleries showing refer to the SAD website. 

 The Man: Craig Richenburg (below)


  1. I really like your blog and am very much in agreement with this post. Orange County is so much more than the brainless stereotypes about it. I feel proud when I read about the bright spots you mention in this post.

  2. Thank you... Hope you can make it out to the show.


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